8 Steps to Becoming a Top Earner in Your Field

8 Steps to Becoming a Top Earner in Your Field

In most fields, whether medicine, law, business, consulting, or accounting, there are a select few that make far more money than the rest. Is it luck? Do you need to be extremely charismatic? Do you require some special talent? No, no, and no.
Consistently being a little bit better than your peers and focusing on success is all that’s required.

A few steps you can take to become a top earner in your field of employment are as follows

Separate yourself from the rest in these ways:

1. Have a goal 

Achieving exceptional results requires a goal or luck. Luck is uncontrollable, so focus on creating a goal instead. Have a specific goal in mind that includes a specific target and deadline. Wanting “a lot of money” isn’t an effective goal.

2. Keep money in mind when making decisions

When choosing a career, consider the earning potential. A personal trainer could choose to focus on bodybuilders or high school athletes. One that works with famous actors, executives, or professional athletes has far more opportunities to earn a large income.

3. Find a mentor

A suitable mentor is someone that has accomplished what you wish to accomplish. It would also be advantageous if they had a genuine interest in providing guidance and advice. Following in the footsteps of someone that’s already successful can save a lot of time.

4. Spend time with those with similar goals

There are others with the same goals and aspirations as you. Seek them out and become friends. Find those that are already successful at the level you hope to attain. You’ll learn things you’re unlikely to learn from your current crowd.

5. Seek to enhance your performance each day

There are a few fields where the participants regularly attempt to enhance their performance. Musicians, artists, and athletes regularly spend time getting better at their craft.
– How often have you seen a lawyer or a manager set aside time to boost their skills? Rarely, if ever.
– If no one else is striving to become more skillful, how much competition do you have?

6. Increase your knowledge each day

Gaining more knowledge will allow you to apply your skills more effectively. Thirty minutes each day is enough to get ahead. Spend this time reading books or researching your field online to seek a higher level of understanding.

7. Get used to being uncomfortable

As you stretch yourself to think and do new things, you’re going to feel that uncomfortable twinge we’ve all felt. It’s just a physical sensation, like a sore toe or a hand that’s fallen asleep. There’s no reason to let it control your thoughts and actions.
– Why would you quit because of a slightly queasy feeling in your stomach? Your subconscious knows which buttons to push to encourage you to quit. Avoid giving in.

8. Persevere

If there’s one trait found in all top earners, it’s perseverance. It’s not difficult to be incredibly successful if you’ll keep getting better and refuse to quit. In fact, it’s just about impossible to fail. Some days are more promising than others, but great days are on the way.

8 Steps to Becoming a Top Earner in Your Field

Becoming a top earner is well within your reach. Have a goal and keep it in the front of your mind. Find a successful mentor. Continue to learn and increase your skills and knowledge. Persevere until your goal of becoming a top earner has been reached.

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