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Insurance Claim Services

At HKMP, we unravel the complex world of insurance claims, shedding light on your financial situation and helping you and your clients navigate to a fair resolution.

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From navigating intricate litigation to tackling fraud cases, our expert team is dedicated to delivering personalized services that align with your unique requirements. With HKMP, you gain a reliable ally to amplify your claim success and empower your clients.

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Meet Russell Kranzler, Your Expert Ally

Meet Russell Kranzler, our esteemed partner and leading expert in insurance claims. With a wealth of experience in identifying complex claims and providing strategic support, Russell is your secret weapon to strengthening your clients’ cases. 

As a partner at HKMP, his passion lies in securing fair and optimal settlements. His proven track record of delivering compelling testimony as an expert witness in litigation and dispute resolution speaks volumes about the impact he can make on your claims.

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Our team of experienced CPAs and Certified Forensic Accountants boasts over 25 years of expertise in preparing, quantifying, and defending claims primarily for business interruption, as well as property insurance claims and fidelity losses. We dive deep into financial records, conduct comprehensive analyses, and leverage our knowledge to bolster your cases. With Russell’s expert insights and HKMP on your side, your claims will stand strong with irrefutable financial evidence and expert opinions. 

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Leverage the Power of Expertise with Our Forensic Accounting Services

Our highly skilled forensic accountants are adept at handling cases of any size or complexity, making them an invaluable asset for a myriad of claims and litigation scenarios. Their deep-seated flexibility allows them to effectively operate across diverse industries and settings. Harnessing their unique, specialized skill sets, they’re well-equipped to navigate the intricate maze of insurance claims. Regardless of the nature of your case, they bring a breadth of knowledge and a commitment to accuracy that is unparalleled, offering you comprehensive support and informed insight every step of the way.

Meet James Sanborn

James is a Manager at HKMP and has been with the firm since graduating from Seton Hall University in 2007. His experience is in a wide range of areas across numerous industries, including but not limited to forensic accounting, bankruptcy services, corporate and individual taxation, assurance and accounting, as well as advisory services. 

James has worked closely with Russell Kranzler, HKMP’s partner in charge of litigation support and claims valuation services, to address and resolve complex bankruptcies, insurance claims, dispute resolution settlements, and business interruption loss calculations.

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Claims for Business Interruption
  • Direct result of insured perils (hurricane, fire, flood, etc.)
  • Assistance in claiming extra expenses incurred
Property and Fidelity Claims
  • Recovery of inventory losses from fire, hurricane, flood, etc.
  • Assistance with embezzlement losses due to theft or misappropriation of funds
Builders Risk Claims
  • Handling soft costs and extra expenses incurred during the delay period.
  • Recovery of business interruption caused by construction-related occurrences

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