Forensic Accounting ServiceS

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Our Forensic Accounting Services

Insurance Claims

We can provide support for your claims with hard facts that withstand scrutiny from your insurance carrier.

Fraud Investigation

Suspect theft or fraudulent activity? Our team has the forensic accounting skills you need for a forensic accounting investigation.

Bankruptcy Filings

If you want to protect your assets, we’ll help review your situation and help you prepare a plan of reorganization.

Contract Breaches

Our team of experts can help you quantify your damages resulting from a breach of contract.

Partner Disputes

Feeling drained by disagreement? Let us unify your company, help ease tension and negotiate disputes between partners and shareholders.

Divorce Litigation

We make a difficult time a little easier, by reviewing financial statements submitted to the court for inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

Expert Testimony

Need qualified experts to testify on your behalf? Our certified public accountant (CPA) team has courtroom experience and has earned the trust of law firms and judges.

Courtroom Documents

We are experienced in preparing the necessary documents required for court proceedings.

Settlement Negotiations

Spending too much on litigation? Our team can assist you in negotiating an out of court settlement.

Forensic Accounting in NYC by the Numbers

$2.76 Billion

Managed in Mergers and Acquisitions

$176 Million

Tax Savings for our Clients and Counting

$1.86 Billion

In Additional Revenue Realization


Years Minimum Experience from Every Partner

Forensic Accounting Services from your go-to professional.

If you’re facing scrutiny, a certified fraud examiner or trying to minimize damages as a result of unforeseen circumstances, you need reliable experts who’ve formed relationships with the key players (law firms, insurance carriers and adjusters) and can leverage these to our clients’ advantage.
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Forensic Accounting Services

Always in Reach

Want access to a team of experts that’s always there for you? Our attentive methodology means we’re highly responsive and always there for you when you need us.

24-hour response time

Calls, texts and emails are returned ASAP, at least within one day, so you’re always kept in the loop.

Flexible Connections 

Need to meet? Whether it’s in-person or remote consultations via Zoom, or any digital platform, what works for you works for us.

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Customer Service Focused

Would you prefer to be treated more like a team member instead of a client? We match our accounting investigative skills with an unrivaled focus on you to provide the highest level of service.

A Personal Approach

Many large accountancy firms have high turnover. With HKMP, you’ll work with the same team members throughout your process.

Long-term Partnerships

You’re in it for the long-haul, and so are we. HKMP’s focus is to build lasting relationships with our clients to become an integral part of the team.

Forensic Accounting Team

Whether you’re dealing with stress from facing litigation, navigating taxes or investigating suspicious financial transactions, our forensic accounting team will be there to provide support. Why work with us:

  • Partners take an active role on every assignment to provide the highest quality of service
  • Forward-thinking strategies from seasoned experts helps you take the proactive approach to fraud prevention
  • Over 40 years of experience brought to every investigation, insurance claim and litigation
  • We identify suspicious activity to help you comply with law enforcement or a certified fraud investigator
  • We provide expert witness testimony

When you hit troubled waters, our accounting services team can provide the support you need to navigate safely to shore and prevent issues from arising in the future.

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HKMP: Where Experience Meets Innovation

Our seasoned veterans draw from decades of hands-on experience and use our advanced technology to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Partner with us for expert:

  • Forensic Investigations

Uncover fraud and protect your company from losses with proven mitigation strategies.

  • Claims Valuations

Put a dollar amount on your damages with courtroom ready documentation and protect yourself from losses.

  • Strategic Tax and Estate Planning

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business and guide your decisions with tailor-made tax and estate strategies.

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