Forensic Investigation & Litigation Support Services

Fair and balanced, with an eye on every detail

At HKMP, our forensic accounting team is experienced, knowledgeable and innovative, which is why our clients, attorneys, insurance companies and private investigation firms have turned to us for over 30 years to provide litigation support services. The HKMP team uses their keen analytical skills and auditors’ intuition to piece together all relevant information to support the successful conclusion of your situation.

Forensic accounting services include:

  • Insurance claim services (Business interruption, property loss, malfeasance, etc.)
  • Economic damage calculations
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring services
  • Fraud investigations
  • Contract disputes
  • Shareholder-partner disputes
  • Marital dissolution
  • Other contentious issues that require support and/or quantification

Our forensic accounting specialists examine every angle of your case to ensure it is settled successfully. This requires a fair and balanced analysis of the complex circumstances and their resulting economic and accounting issues.

Our partners are involved in every step of the claims process
An HKMP partner will be involved in every significant phase of your engagement. From data accumulation and data analysis to report processing, you will feel confident knowing a well-informed partner will be your advocate should your case come to trial or you pursue an alternative means of settlement.

We have expert witness experience
When you select a company to represent you, they need professionals who possess the proper credentials and experience – professionals who are confident, credible, persuasive, and able to rise above the pressure of cross-examination. Moreover, your expert must identify with the jury, employing basic and compelling communication skills to explain complex ideas in simple terms. The HKMP team has documented courtroom experience – experience that may be the deciding factor in negotiating a fair and equitable settlement.

Advanced data extraction technology
Data extraction technology enables HKMP’s team to quickly sort through digital information necessary to perform a calculation that is convincing, accurate, and properly documented. When data is retrieved, HKMP can sort, analyze, and reconstruct it, allowing us to summarize our findings with the most relevant information. The utilization of technology creates efficiency and provides further insight and support for your position.

We prepare detailed and documented reports
If your case goes to trial, it’s imperative that you have clearly written, well-defined reports that summarize findings and reference supporting documentation. Our reports are prepared with this in mind, so you are confident and completely prepared for any scenario. Should your case go to trial, these reports can serve as the basis and support for our expert witness testimony.

Insurance claim services:

  • Business interruption claims
  • Property damage claims
  • Inventory and contents claims
  • Loss of income claims
  • Extra expense claims
  • Theft claims
  • Construction claims
  • Product liability claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Data processing claims
  • Evaluation of damages
  • Improprieties of corporate officers