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Prepare Your Mind for Prosperity: 10 Ways to Think Like a Winner

Have you heard the saying, “Attitude is everything?” This adage reveals a great truth: the perspective you take in any situation ultimately determines the outcome. So if you’re hoping to bring prosperity into your life, it’s important to learn to think like a winner.

How can you acquire the mindset of a winner?
Try these strategies:

1. Acknowledge that you’re human. You’re fallible because you’re human. Rather than seeking perfection, strive to attain the abundance that presents itself to you.

2. Know what you want. Be specific about what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, if you’re running a marathon, perhaps your goal is to complete the race or to finish and not be in last place.

3. Aim high but not too high. Using the marathon example, if you’re running a marathon for the first time, you could aim to finish in the top half of the group.

4. Refuse to set yourself up for failure. Setting unrealistically high expectations is not the best plan. If you lack experience or expertise in something, rather than saying, “I’m going to be number one,” say “I’m so proud of myself for going after my dreams. As long as I complete this task, I’m a winner.”

5. Embrace compliments from others. Do you shrug off kind words from others? If so, it’s time to recognize that most of us don’t go out of our way to praise another unless we’re quite impressed with something they did.

When you prosper, people take note of it and often comment on it. Accept praise and compliments from others with open arms and keep up the great work!
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6. Do a personal inventory. Take stock of when you’ve been the most prosperous in your life.
·  What are your major successes?
·  What have you done well?
·  What are you the most proud of?

7. Remind yourself of your positive character traits. Spend some time making the connection between who you are and the abundance you’ve already received in your life.

8. Recognize prosperity comes in all “flavors.” Although money is a nice way to show notice of your stellar performance, you can also prosper in other ways. You might get more perks at work. Maybe you’ll be recognized in your field by getting an award. Perhaps you’ll become the “go-to” person whenever people are facing a challenge.

9. See the power you have in your own life. When you take responsibility to traverse life’s challenges on your terms, you’ll truly feel your strength. You will prosper when you step up and make the decision to prosper.

10.  Find the successes in your daily actions. However, a situation concludes, consider your actions and what you did well. After a particularly challenging event, take some time to determine the positive aspects of the experience.

·  For example, if you submitted a project plan to your boss, that, in itself, is something to feel good about.

·  Even if your boss ultimately went with a different plan, you gained work experience in the process. You stuck to something and followed through. Your boss will remember those things. Ultimately, you’ll prosper in some way from the experience.

What you believe about yourself and a situation before it occurs determines whether you’ll reap the benefits of that situation. So, prepare your mindset for prosperity by thinking like a winner. You’ll live the prosperous life of your dreams!

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