Accounting & Auditing

Extensive knowledge, personalized service

Selecting a firm to address your accounting and auditing needs is an important decision. You want an experienced company that’s large enough to serve all of your needs, yet can provide individual attention required by your growing business and personal requirements. HKMP always assigns a minimum of  two partners to every client allowing your firm to benefit from our extensive knowledge with personalized service to meet your unique needs.

HKMP offers a comprehensive range of accounting services to serve the financial needs and risks associated with individuals, businesses or organizations. Our experience allows us to provide customized audit procedures that truly reflect your business’s specific circumstances as well as practical solutions for any issues you may face in running it better than before!

Our straightforward approach combined with exacting detail ensures we are always able to provide our clients’ not just peace-of-mind but also stability – so they can focus on growing their enterprises without worrying about how much money has gone missing due an unqualified partner.

HKMP Accounting and Audit services include:
  • Audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements
  • Audits of employee benefit plans, including 401(k), profit sharing and pension plans to comply with IRS and Department of Labor requirements
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financials
  • Preparation of forecasts, projections, budgets and financial analyses

We are committed to exceed high quality standards and also adhere to criteria recognized by independent reviews of the accounting profession as performed under the guidance of the American Institute of CPAs.

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