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Our Business Tax Services

Personal Services

Want an accounting firm you can always rely on? Trust our experts to prepare your personal returns to align with your financial goals.

Estate Planning

We can work with your estate attorneys to provide expert advice on wealth transfer, business succession planning and other estate planning strategies.

Business Services

Avoid tax inefficiencies for your business, partnerships and LLCs. We’re experts at helping businesses meet their compliance responsibilities.

Financial Statements

A once a year review is never enough! At HKMP we work with you to prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financials. All of our forecasts, projections, budgets, and financial analyses adhere to criteria recognized by independent reviews of the accounting profession as performed under the guidance of the American Institute of CPAs.

Accounting Technology

Scale your organization’s workflow and set up automated tax and audit workflows for improved process management with our proprietary business management platform, AMELIO.


Can’t afford mistakes? HKMP provides you with the audit support you need. We conduct audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements for your employee benefit plans including 401(k), profit sharing and pension plans to comply with IRS and Department of Labor requirements

Tax Strategies

Benefit from our personal, estate and wealth-planning experience, tailored for a highly strategic, individualized and proactive approach.

Merger & Acquisition Structuring

Want only the best support for your merger or acquisition? We’ve facilitated over $2 billion in mergers and acquisitions which added revenue and tax benefits for our clients.

Tax Support

Tired of mediocre financial support including taxes? As your tax expert, we continue to review your plan and amend accordingly, as you grow and the economic environment changes, while providing representation with Federal, State or Local tax authority audit or inquiry.

HKMP Business Tax Accounting, By The Numbers


Years of experience for each senior partner


Million in tax savings


Years in business


Billion in mergers and acquisitions

The Most Complete Business Tax Preparation in NYC

Small business tax preparation and business tax accounting has never been this easy and rewarding.

Business Tax Preparation

Unparalleled Business Tax Services

Recently searched for “business tax services near me?” We’re a full service New York certified public accounting firm for businesses and high-net-worth individuals.

In-Person and Remote

Your business tax needs are everything. Reach our NYC office in person or remotely with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or at (844) 811-8477.

Unmatched Service

Do you appreciate working with the same familiar faces? With HKMP you’ll be paired with partners and staff who’ll oversee your account time and time again.

Business Tax Accountant

A Higher Level of Tax Services for Business Owners

Are you ready for a team of New York tax experts who will always go the extra mile for you?

High Networth Individuals

We help high net worth individuals save on their tax returns to maximize the benefit of their hard work.

Detailed Business Taxes

Our partners are easily accessible and very diligent. They have the expertise to move you in the right direction regardless of your financial needs.

Business Tax Services

Dual Partner Engagements

If you want the best possible financial advice, we provide two seasoned certified public accountants on every engagement.

By reviewing all past financial and tax records, we provide calculated advice and services that reflect the financial history of your business with future tax goals in mind.

Compounded Project Experience

Get the best oversight and advice for any tax year through our partners’ broad collective experiences.

Peace of Mind

Business owners come to us for peace of mind knowing that our services are based on extensive experience and past results.

NYC Business Tax Accountant

AMELIO Business Process Management Solution

Scale your organization’s workflow and set up automated tax and audit workflows for improved process management.

Our robust solution is ideal for growing enterprises who need scalability and logic driven, rules-based workflow automation.

Proprietary Software

AMELIO features optimized process management and operates within the terms and conditions of niche industries and general accounting firms.

Simplify Your Accounting Processes

Let us work  with it for you to optimize your current tax, audit, engagement letter and onboarding processes to maximize efficiency and minimize risk.

Business Tax Services NYC

Maximize Tax Savings

Benefit from a creative approach and due diligence when it comes to your taxes to know what you’re required to pay and avoid fees that do not apply.

Cross Profession Collaboration

Want to prevent unwanted business exposure and receive personalized tax-saving strategies? As tax experts, we can work with your attorneys and other affiliates to ensure the best results.

Business Tax Accountant Services in New York

Why Our Clients Succeed

If you want more success out of your business, HKMP are the tax experts to help you achieve exactly that.

Financial Quarterback

For an always dependable outcome, consider us your financial quarterback, working with you as a team member to always help you get a touchdown.

Big Picture Mindset

Take advantage of forecast projections and data analysis to maximize your business’ return in both the short and long term.

HKMP Business Tax Accounting

Long Term Tenure

Do you appreciate the value of loyalty? We do too.

With a tight knight family of CPAs adept at business tax services, fostering relationships with our clients is top priority.

Some clients have been with us since the 1960s. And that’s because we build familiarity into the invaluable services we provide.

Reduced Turnover

Most of our CPA tax experts have been with us for over 15 years, while our partners have over twenty years of experience with us.

Tax Performance Optimized

For more thorough and advantageous business tax services, the partners at HKMP use their decades-long tenure to inform their every decision, and nothing surprises them.

NYC Business Tax Preparation

Tax Filing Streamlined

Want to receive a more proactive approach to your business taxes? HKMP’s experienced professionals will highlight potential tax issues and provide a streamlined tax filing process.

Tax Strategy Deployment

Are you a small business owner looking for optimized tax strategies? Our approach can proactively manage your tax liabilities to deliver the most efficient solution.

Trusted Business Tax Preparation Partners Since 1948

Get help with your business’ tax planning, preparation and review—from seasoned tax experts.A Few Ways Our business tax accountants Can Help:

  • Identifying opportunities for tax savings for the coming and future years
  • Reviewing previous tax years to find missed opportunities 
  • Structuring of your finances and reporting to maximize your yearly tax savings
  • Ensuring regulatory tax compliance and reduce the risks of penalties or fines

Feeling overwhelmed by business tax issues? Let HMKP manage your tax challenges today.

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