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Audit & Assurance

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HKMP Technology, our technology company, developed and delivers a proprietary platform called AMELIO™ that assists companies across all industries to automate compliance-related forms and checklists. AMELIO is a powerful yet flexible product, among other things, for audit and tax workflow, that offers clients a cost-effective, customizable approach to manage, monitor and control their business processes.

A leader in developing innovative solutions for the accounting sector, AMELIO is an adaptable platform to allow for quick integration and customization. Tax workflow software AMELIO was designed for speed, efficiency and accountability, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to streamline, automate and manage specific accounting needs from compliance forms to checklists to processes (e.g. on-boarding of clients or employees).

AMELIO offers robust workflow capabilities to ensure that the right people are taking the right actions at the right time. This adds significant value to virtually any compliance or form-driven business process in any industry.

Get Powerful Results from AMELIO.
  • Manage compliance for PPACA, SOX, and HIPAA, as well as SEC, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies
  • Automate forms, checklists, and other compliance-related content
  • Provide a complete accountability trail
  • Streamline employee, client, supplier, and product onboarding
  • Document and monitor audit requirements for information security, internal audits, ethics, etc.
  • Optimize your future business processes by analyzing data from past experiences

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